TransMount CRANE 2S Sling-Griff



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TransMount CRANE 2S Sling-Griff

Dieser TransMount CRANE 2S Sling Grip-Griff wurde exklusiv für CRANE 2S entwickelt. Er zeichnet sich durch ergonomisches Design und einen Silikongummigriff aus. Der CRANE 2S Sling Grip Handle bietet Ihnen ein komfortables Halterlebnis und müheloses Schießen. Mit einer blitzschnellen 180°-Drehung können Sie mühelos zwischen den beiden Modi wechseln und entscheiden, ob Sie Ihre Kamera in der Tragestellung führen oder auf den Mini-Doppelgriff zurückgreifen möchten.

  • Verpackungsspezifikationen

  • Produktabmessung (W*D*H)

    11.57*3.74*6.28 inch

  • Packungsgrösse (L*W*H)

    8.82*4.02*2.40 inch

  • Nettogewicht

    0.77 lbs

  • Bruttogewicht

    1.04 lbs

TransMount CRANE 2S Sling-Griff* 1

  • Question:What should | do if the product does not work properly?
    Please contact ZHIYUN service center for assistance online customer service at For more information, please visit
  • Question: How to get in touch with Zhiyun? Is there a service hotline?
    Any query, please call us at +86(0)773-2320855, +86(0)773-2320856. We also provide online service via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Question: What are the product warranty terms?
    Customers are entitled to free repair service from Zhiyun within 12 months from the date of delivery (accessories and fttings excluded). Refund and replacement policy:; Repair service:; Aftersales Support: https://www
  • Question: What is the product repair process?
    Customers need to send the product back to Zhiyun and then the customer service center will have the device inspected and tested. If it's the material or workmanship that leads to product failure, Zhiyun will cover the cost of inspection, material, labor, and shipment. If the product is proven to be damaged by artificial causes or beyond the warranty terms. Customers can choose to get the device repaired with payment or get the product back. If the device does not work due to improper operation or other situations which do not apply to warranty terms, we will charge a certain amount of fee. Zhiyun does not support IWS (International Warranty Service) due to product version difference. Warranty service is only provided in Zhiyun authorized service center.
  • Question: How does a stabilizer work?
    A stabilizer is a device that is designed to hold a camera or other filming devices to prevent it from shaking during video shooting. The stabilizer senses disruptive motion by the built-in gyroscope and compensates for camera instability by the force of the three motors.
  • Question: What can we use a stabilizer for? How?
    We can use the stabilizer when shooting videos. It can compensate for the unwanted shaking movement. For the specific operation, please check ZHIYUN official website For detail product information, please check Zhiyun-tech on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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  • Exklusiv für CRANE 2S entwickelt
  • Silikongummigriff. Bequem zu halten
  • Dient als Sling Handle & Dual Grip
  • Schalten Sie Möglichkeiten mit vielen Montageports frei
  • TransMount-Zubehörsystem

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andre Sce
Best Crane 2S accessory

I purchased the Crane 2S as a base model and purchased the handle afterwards with benefit of returning it. It was so well thought out, comfortable, and useable in different position that I found it necessary. It is built well and provides additional and useful mounting options. I really love this handle and it is better than any other handle on the market. It will provide smoother gimbal recordings.

Sergio Ortiz
You must have it

It is a perfect complement, it helps to achieve smoother and more controlled movements.

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