Crane 3S

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Paket: SmartSling Bausatz
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Nach Abweichung im statischen Zustand Max: ± 0,04°
Min: ± 0,01°
Nach Abweichung im Bewegungszustand Max: ± 0.3°
Standard: ± 0.1°
Min: ± 0.05°
Mechanischer Neigungsbereich Max: +155°
Min: -91°
Mechanischer Bereich der Walze Max: +237.5°
Min: -57.5°
Pan Mechanischer Bereich 360°
Betriebsspannung Max: 25.2V
Min: 9.8V
Standard: 11.1V
Betriebsstrom Max: 5400mA
Min: 360mA
Ausgabe 5V, 1A
Akkulaufzeit Labordaten: 12h
Ladezeit Labordaten: 4h
Größe Gewicht
Produktgröße (B*T*H) 453*230*68mm (Gefaltet, ohne Schnellwechselplatte)
Nettogewicht (Crane 3S SmartSling-Kit)

1880g (Stativ und Akku sind nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)

  SmartSling-Paket Pro-Paket
€849 1299

Crane 3S Stabilisator


USB-Typ-C-Kabel; Sony Kamerasteuerkabel (Typ C, Multi); Canon Kamerasteuerkabel (Mikro, Typ C); Canon Kamerasteuerkabel (Mini, Typ C); Panasonic Kamerasteuerkabel (Typ C, Typ C)









M1.3/M2.5/M4 Schraubenschlüssel; 1/4-20 Schrauben * 3



TransMount PowerPlus-Akkupack

TransMount Bildübertragungssender

TranMount Handyhalter mit Kronenrad

TransMount Servo-Zoom-/Fokusmotor (max.); TransMount-Servofokusmotor (Lite)

HDMI-Mini-zu-HDMI-Miro-Kabel; HDMI-Mini-zu-HDMI-Mini-Kabel; HDMI-Mini-zu-HDMI-Kabel

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Can’t recommend

      It’s the only gimbal that can handle larger rigs, but it needs a lot of work. There are constant shaking issues even though the camera is perfectly balanced. It’s entire design is based around an under slung shape, but it’s practically unusable that way. Hoping there’s a major firmware update or I’ll be looking for a new one. Just too many issues to rely on this on set.

      Abdul Salifu
      I wasn’t expecting a fast delivery like Zhiyun did. They are amazing. I’m happy.

      I was heading back home to Ghana for a documentary shoot. I had two days to flight from ATL. Got this amazing Gimbal and today, I’m onset already. Mind you, your Crane 3s needs a firmware update before use. I think Zhiyun should fix it before they ship it out. Make it ready to use because I was on the field and the gimbal went to sleep mode. I checked online and got some articles suggesting a firmware update. Location didn’t have internet so I canceled my shoot. I did the firmware update and today, I’m enjoying this C3s so much. ✌🏽

      Brandon Lopez
      Very easy to use

      I used the Zhiyun Weebill S in the past and I really enjoyed it, however my setup got heavier so I needed something with a bigger payload and the Zhiyun Crane 3S was perfect for my setup. With a higher and heavier payload this gimbal delivers very smooth stabilization. I recommend pairing the gimbal with a Smallrig stabilization rig, whether it’s the dual grip or the handheld ring grip, I 10/10 recommend this. I will say though this was alot heavier than I expected, but it’s nothing too over the top. It’s sometimes uncomfortable to grab from the tripod position but other than that I have no complaints so far.

      Timothy Lee
      Much better than crane 3 lab

      I’m using the crane 3S with a Sony FS5. The Crane 3S handles the camera and two servo motors with my lens no problem. I did however have to remove the top handle, lcd screen, and hand strap to be able to use it fully balanced. Did not have to use counterbalance weights.
      I’ve had the crane 3lab and it barely did the job with the FS5. I had to use counterbalance weights and faced gimbal motors overheating during use.
      Although the carrying capacity has significantly improved, I still wish it was rated for a couple more pounds. I feel like a 12-14lbs payload would make this perfect.

      James Deal
      Best gimbal at any price

      I love this device. Perfect for my Blackmagic Design 6K Pro setup. Easy to assemble and use! You will not find a device with the features of the 3S at this price point.

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