Lightweight yet mighty enough, MOLUS X100 is ready to upend your knowledge of COB lights. Thanks to the innovate cooling technology, the compact body enables professional power output, giving you the simplest and most efficient experience ever.
* Please note that the Dome Diffusion in the G60 package does not apply to the X100.


Style: Standard

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• Powerful 100W output ensures bright and clear illumination.
• Fast & easy charging with Grip Battery/DC Adapter/100W PD Fast Charge.
• ZY Mount Ecosystem Diverse Light Shaping Solutions.
• Bluetooth Mesh For Remote Control.
• Multiple scenes: portrait photography, TV commercials, and interviews,ect.

100W Powerful Output

Boasting an excellent combination of portability and pro performance, X100 frees you from traditional heavy equipment with only 385g in a palm size and a stable 100W max output, letting you embrace full creativity.

Vintage Style Design

You've never seen a COB light like this. A slim, vintage pocket light that strikes a perfect balance between fashion and utility.

Intelligent Cooling Control

X100 adopts DynaVort Cooling System™ that consists of gyroscope modeling heat sinks and FOC fans to prevent overheating. The DynaVort technology is based on the fluid dynamics and attitude-control algorithm, significantly raising the cooling efficiency through intelligent control over airflow emissions.

Professional Exterior Lighting

X100 is supported by ZHIYUN self-developed discharge technology that enables a 100% power output when shooting on location.

3 Ways to Power You Up

The MOLUS X100 utilizes a patent power supply technology to support its 100W mighty output. Being able to choose among the grip battery, DC adapter, and 100W PD fast charge, you'll limit the downtime on your shoot.

* It is recommended to use the DC adapter with input over 100W. The X100 grip battery weighs 440g and is not included in the standard package. The max input power of the battery is 30W. X100 can work for 30min at 100W.

Bi-Color & Faithful Rendition

Allow you to adjust color temperature at fingertip. Give you accurate fidelity that rivals against traditional heavy COB lights.
Illuminance: 3881 Lux (4500K at 100% brightness)
CCT Range: 2700k-6500k

*The data is gathered at the distance of 1.0m.

ZY Mount Ecosystem Diverse Light Shaping Solutions

The ZY mount is designed for dedicated modifiers that also compatible with ones of Bowens mount, satisfying your needs for more fine-tuned effects.

Simplify and Reshape Pro Lighting

MOLUS X100 challenges the size stereotype of cinematic lighting, bringing you the most lightweight COB light that is powerful and versatile enough to perform incredibly well in multiple professional scenarios such as portrait and still-life photography, TVC, and interviews.

Live Mode

The live mode allows you to turn on multiple lights at once, meeting the demand of fast lighting setup for one man crew.

Music Mode

The recording function enables an automatic lighting control along with music rhythm to create special atmosphere.

Bluetooth Mesh For Remote Control

Simplify the work flow with the bluetooth mesh to adjust the parameters by group, enhancing the lighting efficiency and convenience substantially.


Output Power
Cooling Method
Active Cooling
Color Temperature Range
Illuminance In 4500K/100% Brightness (1 meter)
3881 lux
Runtime (with Battery Grip)
30min(100% dim)
TLCI Index
CRI Index
Dimming Range
APP Control Method
Power Adapter Output Voltage/Current
Operation Temperature
Power Supply Method
PD adapter, DC or Battery Grip
X100 Size
144.5*94*36.1 (W*D*H)
X100 Net Weight
X100 Grip Battery
X100 Grip Battery PD Charging Time
2H33MIN (19.6V/1.4A 28W )
X100 Grip Battery DC Charging Time
2H24MIN (9.7V/3.1A 30W )
X100 Grip Battery Size
52.8*94*61 (W*D*H)
1/4" Threaded Hole

What's in the Box



Mini Reflector (ZY Mount)


120W Power Adaptor


Power Adaptor Origanizer Bag


Quick Start Guide


Which is the Best for You?

Max Power
Color Temperature Range
Custom Modes
Music Mode/Live Mode
Live Mode
Charging Method
100W+PD Fast Charge/DC Power Adapter /Detachable Grip Battery
60W+PD Fast Charge/DC Power Adapter
Built-in Batteries/40W+ PD Fast Charge
Battery Runtime (Max Power)
30min with battery grip (100W)
29min (40W)
Max Illuminance
17317 lux (with mini-reflector 1m)
11194 lux (with mini-reflector 1m)
1050 lux (4300k 1m)
Net Weight
144.5*94 *36.1mm
90.6*67 *66.95mm
136.5*77.8 *29mm


2. How long is the battery runtime of X100?

For Combo or Pro packages, a battery grip includes and can last 30 minutes at 100w. For Standard, it only can be used when using DC or PD to charge.

3. What is the name of APP?

"ZY Vega", please download it in App Store or Google Play

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Conchubhair Mac Lochlainn
A Little Pocket Rocket Packed With Versatility

I couldn't be happier with the Molus 100 I grabbed a couple of weeks ago. I had been on the hunt for a compact but strong lighting solution for quite a while, which would allow me to move discretely in crowded spaces, and pack the punch of an off-camera flash, without needing extra help to carry it everywhere.

I have to say, this light has delivered that, and more, in spades. I've used it as a key light on an interview with a government minister, to add visual interest to crowd shots in packed nightclubs, even just to add a little bit of a spot to speakers on a stage - it can do it all.

I highly recommend it, and doing what I did, which was buying a second battery at the same time, so one can be on charge while the other is in use.

Andras Kozar
Awesome portable solution

A great compliment to my G60s
I've ordered the largest kit, it lacks the flexible dome diffuser and a small tripod, otherwise great value for the money.

Kristina Monstavičienė


Benjamin Priess
Wahnsinn, was die kleine X100 alles kann!

Diese kleine und leichte, Foto- & Videolampe ist der Wahnsinn! Super gut durchdacht und richtig hell. Wir nutzen bereits 2 Stück und es werden bestimmt noch mehr. Durch den Akku sehr flexibel einsetzbar. Durch den Bowens Mount hat man die Möglichkeit eine Menge Softboxen und Reflektoren etc. zu montieren. Es ist auch kein Problem, große Softboxen zu benutzen. Mit der App kann man die einzelnen Lampen steuern oder auch Gruppen anlegen. Ob im Studio oder Outdoor hat uns die X100 bis jetzt sehr gute Dienste geleistet! Wir möchten diese nicht mehr missen. Und können die X100 nur weiter Empfehlen. 

antun filipovic
My review

Everything is top , but i order pro version and i don’t get everything in box , missing little tripod and small diffusor , i can send photo what miss in the box , tnx

Thank you for your valuable comments.

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