Through unremitting technology development and accumulation, ZHIYUN introduces the F100, a new benchmark of portable stick lights. The integration of 100W high power and great performance achieved by innovative technologies enlivens every detail of your creation.


Color: White


Style: Standard

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•100W super brightness. Reach 20708 lux at its peak
•Pro RGB and FX lighting effects
•Three professional lighting control accessories included
•Fast & easy charging with powerbank supported
•Multiple scenes: livestreaming, character close-up, still photography and vlogging

Brighter with 100W High Power

Embedded with 5 times more LED chips, F100 gives you ultra-bright output compared to the same-sized lights. The highly sophisticated technology firmly improves the lighting control efficiency up to over 90%, ensuring a stable illuminance that can reach 20708 lux at its peak.

Classic and Portable

Weighted only 950g, the upgraded stick light packed with excellent features fits perfectly in your hand, offering lighting solutions without complicated settings and setups.

HSI Mode for Pro RGB

Increased to 148 RGB chips and help improves the lighting effect two times brighter than the predecessor.

Let Your Creativity Shine

Provide you with six creative lighting effects and various ambient lighting that help build up atmosphere easily when inspiration strikes, such as SOS, TV, Faulty Bulb, Candle, Flash, and Fire.etc.

Precise Dual Color Temperature Adjustment

F100 offers precise adjustment of color temperature in CCT Mode via the intuitive dial. The industry-standard CRI and TLCI bring your story to life effortlessly and authentically.

CCT Range: 2700k-6200k

Intuitive and Precise Control

Offer multiple accessories including storage bag, 2-leaf barn doors, diffuser and grid for more professional lighting. Get ready to nail every shoot in various scenarios such as livestreaming, interviews, TVC, vlogging, and close-up portraits.

Innovative Cooling System

F100 adopts inventive DynaVort Cooling System™ based on fluid dynamics and the dynamic algorithm. The cooling system consists of gyroscope modeling heat sinks and 6 FOC fans to prevent overheating, raising the cooling efficiency to 5 times higher by substantially enhancing the airflow emissions with intelligent control.

Inspiration Glows Non-Stop

The adaptive charging technology makes F100 compatible with PD power adapters of different power, satisfying the need for both high power and long runtime. With the switching adapter, you can continuously use FIVERAY F100 at different power while charging it. Peak charging power of batteries reaches 25W. 6 built-in 2600mAh batteries ensure 1-hour-4-min runtime at 50W working power.

*You can use F100 at max power while charging it via the 100W PD fast charger. When it's used at the normal power such as in the CCT mode, the built-in batteries are charged in the meantime. The 120W power adapter is not included in the standard package. The F100 works for 5h40min at 10W, 2h10min at 25W, and 31min at the 100W max power. The above data is gathered from internal experiments of ZHIYUN laboratories. Please refer to the actual use.


CCT Mode Power
Max Power Mode Power
Runtime (Max Power Non-stop Output)
31min(when fully charged)
Color Temperature Range
CCT Mode 6200K/100% Illuminance (LUX)
1200(1 meter)(25℃ temperature,indoor illuminance lower than 0.1lux,1m test distance.)
Max Power Mode 4000K/100% Illuminance (LUX)
2300(1 meter)(25℃ temperature,indoor illuminance lower than 0.1lux,1m test distance.)
TLCI Index
CRI Index
Dimming Range
LED Chip
HSI Mode
H: Hue 0°~360°S: Saturation 0~100% INT: Intensity 0~100%
R Illuminance (LUX)
36 (1 meter)
G Illuminance (LUX)
100 (1 meter)
B Illuminance (LUX)
19 (1 meter)
Built-in Battery Capacity
Built-in Li-ion battery 6S/2600MAH
Charging Time (PD)
2H56MIN (20V/1.2A 25W )25℃ temperature, the stick light is powered off to charge
Charging Time (DC)
3H3MIN (24V 25W~28W )25℃ temperature, the stick light is powered off to charge
Power Adapter Output Voltage/Current
Operation Temperature
Product Size
502*46*47 (W*D*H)
Net Weight
1/4" Threaded Hole

What's in the Box

F100 Light Stick


USB Type-C Charging Cable


ZHIYUN FIVERAY Stick Light  2-Leaf Barn Doors


ZHIYUN FIVERAY Stick Light Diffuser




Storage Bag


Quick Start Guide


Which is the Best for You?

Max Power
Color Temperature Range
LED Chip
176 pcs (cool/warm) + 80 pcs (RGB)
176 pcs (cool/warm) + 148 pcs (RGB)
Light Effects
TV, SOS, Faulty Bulb, Candle, Flash and Fire
Charging Time
2H56min(PD); 3H3min(DC)
2H30min(PD); 2H33min(DC)
Charging Method
PD/DC/100w Powerbank
Battery Runtime(Max Power)
Max Power Mode 4000K/100% Illuminance (LUX)
CCT Mode 6200K/100% Illuminance (LUX)


2. Can it be used while charging?

Yes, please try to use 65w or higher USB charger to achieve this function. Or you can use 100w powerbank to achieve this function.

3. How long is the battery life?

31min at Max Power 100W.

*The above data is gathered when the brightness level is set at 100% and the test distance is 0.3m. The MAX mode is the full power mode. The peak power output in 4000K is 100W. Under the MAX mode, when the brightness level is 100%, the power output reaches its peak.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mykhailo Chekan
Love it!

Super great!

Great products and great value

Products that I use all the time, either for photo or video shoots! Light, portable and handy, I love them.

Dominik Taušan
Review of F100

I am really satisfied with this product. Ever since I ordered it I knew it will allow me to create more interesting photos and videos, and it's exactly what it did.
It allowed me to control light in ways I didn't even imagine before. A light with a power of 100W is just the light I needed to raise my game to another level. It can be used without it being plugged into the wall which is exciting and it also comes with a bunch of modifiers that can shape the light in any way I can imagine.
I am recommending these lights over other similar products.
Build quality is great, a wheel felt a bit finicky at first but if it wasn't it would take too long to change the hue/saturation/luminance.
Light includes a bunch of light effects and I guess Zhiyun could release future firmware updates to add even more (they don't need to, but they could). Lights can be used both in a studio and for gun-and-shoot videos. One day you could have them set for your studio photoshoot and the next day you could bring them with you to shoot a wedding.
As I've said. This is a great light, and it has a lot of use cases.

Florian CORSIN
Puissant mais pas ergonomique

Le Fiveray F100 tient ses promesses dans le blanc : puissant.
Les leds RVB sont un plus mais pas puissant.
En revanche, l'ergonomie n'est pas terrible : la molette est difficile à utiliser (pas évident de tourner sans cliquer dessus, ce qui change le menu), aucun bouton de verrouillage des boutons ce qui fait que quand on le prend en main, on peut changer un paramètre, le choix des couleurs n'est pas précisé (mélange des 3 couleurs sur 360 nuances, on aurait préféré 255 nuances de bleus, de vert et de rouge).
Le poids du stick est impressionnant ce qui est délicat à manier.
Sa batterie intégrée est un gros plus !
L'utilisation via une APP serait un gros avantage avec en plus une gestion des couleurs sur 256 valeurs de Rouge, de Vert et de Bleu)

Győző Makula
Fantastic lights

These lights are awesome. Thank you very much for these excellent products and the really fast delivery.