Puribar Portable Ozone Generator

Do you think your gears and tools are clean enough, even though you wash them on a daily basis? Unfortunately, germs such as Escherichia coli, aspergillus flavus, and dust mites are hard to eliminate and pose invisible threat to our health, which calls for a simple but efficient way of sanitization in our daily life.

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• Ozone+Negative Ions
• Environmentally Friendly, Efficient Sanitization
• Dual Assurance of Purification
• Twist to Start
• Worry-Free Living
• 27 times Purification Non-Stop

    Ozone+Negative IonsEnvironmentally Friendly, Efficient Sanitization

    With its extra oxygen atom, reactive ozone can decompose and catch polluting molecules to change their molecular composition, and negative ions can absorb tiny airborne particles to clean the air.
    Ozone together with negative ions can easily permeate every corner of enclosed space, thoroughly removing pollutants such as chemicals, smoke, viruses, bacteria, allergens, odor and mold, while leaving no secondary pollutants but oxygen, which is regarded as a highly eco-friendly solution for efficient sanitization.

    Dual Assurance of Purification

    PuriBar has the built-in ozone and negative ion generator that produces ozone and negative ions via high voltage and ionization, killing up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in the minimum of 4 minutes.
    *The data is provided by Guangdong Microbiological Experiment Report. Exposed to high concentration of ozone can be harmful. Please avoid long exposure to ozone treated space.

    Twist to Start

    With fashionable design and only 100g in weight, PuriBar is ultra-easy for quick disinfection. Twist it and choose a scenario, and ozone is automatically released after 3s.
    *You can switch among the Handbag, Backpack, Suitcase, and Loop modes. The ozone release time in the Handbag mode (5L) is 4 min, the Backpack mode (20L) is 6 min, the Suitcase mode (30L) is 8 min, and the Loop mode is 4 min each time with a 2-hour gap.

    Application of Multiple Living Scenarios

    Small and portable, PuriBar helps you remove airborne pollutants at any time you want. An enclosed unoccupied space is all it needs.
    *Due to the strong oxidability and sterilizability of ozone, please do not expose the product to oxidizable items for a long period of time.

    Baby Product

    Ozone can permeate into clothes, toys, and any dead corners or gaps to kill germs, safeguarding the health of your kid and the whole family.

    Makeup & Jewelry Box

    PuriBar fits perfectly in your makeup kits and jewelry boxes and finishes disinfection in just a few minutes, keeping you away from any allergy risk.

    Pet Supply

    PuriBar saves you from lingering odors in home, whether it is pet waste or body smell, giving you back a clean and fresh environment.

    Commute Guard

    PuriBar is small enough to be easily put into any bags or even pockets, best suited for commuters.

    Workout Gear

    Dual function of ozone and negative ions ensures a super-fast removal of any odor such as sweat.

    Travel Companion

    Keeping your bags and luggage always clean is quick and easy than ever, no more than a sec for a start.

    27 times Purification Non-Stop

    With a 1600hAh battery, the 6.75W rated power, and low power consumption, PuriBar can constantly work for 1h50min (27 times under the Handbag mode) to purify the air. It also supports an LED battery display and real-time charging.
    * The data is gathered from internal experiments of ZHIYUN laboratories. The product under the Loop mode is able to work 9h maximum.


    Ozone Generator Rated Power
    Negative Lon Generator Rated Power
    Battery Capacity
    Charging Time
    2H37Min (Lab Data 1)
    9H5min(Lab Data 2)
    Negative Lon Output
    4.88X10 PCS/CM³
    Ozone Output

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    Quick Start Guide


    Charging Cable


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Clemens Mayerhofer
    Great Product

    Works perfectly, just be aware that sensitive clothes might loose color if they are in direct contact with the ozone outlet.

    Joyce pengson-palino
    I love it❤️

    Very useful 👍
    Nice product ❤️